YouTube Live Stream Chat Comments (Custom)
$ 100.00 / 1000
No refill

YouTube Live Stream Chat Comments (Custom)

$ 100.00 / 1000

Why do you need to Buy YouTube Live Stream Comments?

If you want to speed up the process of getting to the top of YouTube, save your time with us! Ordering promotion for YouTube will help you get popular fast and easy. 

Real users, not bots, will leave messages in your stream's chat. Posts are published gradually, creating a natural communication effect. 

How long does it take to get YouTube Live Stream Comments?

The service starts immediately after you’ve paid for the order. It depends on the number of comments you order. You will get 3-5 comments per minute for each order. 

How much does it cost to get Live Stream Comments?

It’s $100 for 1000. The minimum number of messages you can order is 50. 

Is it safe to buy Live Stream Comments?

Yes, it's perfectly safe. Only real users will leave messages under your live stream, so it's secure for your channel. 

How to Buy YouTube Live Stream Comments? IMPORTANT

This service gives you a unique opportunity to write your own messages which you will receive during the stream. It's cool when you get the kind of comments you want!

For maximum effect we recommend making several orders of 300 messages each. 

We advise you to prepare a list of comments in advance, so that you don't get distracted by writing them during the stream. Note that each new message you need to write a new line! Messages may be repetitive, short or long. 

Please, note that in order to get this service the live stream chat section on your stream must be open for ALL USERS to post messages!

Why buy Live Stream Comments from us?

We work professionally with bloggers and streamers on various YouTube channels, we follow all the updates of the platform so we know how it works. We work WITHOUT bots, only real people will leave messages under your stream.

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